Our team provides independent, objective and credible investment services through a professional and unbiased approach, focusing on the best interests of our clients and minimising any potential conflicts of interests, while always adhering to the highest professional and ethical standards. Mathieson Capital Fund Management does not maintain any direct relationship with any credit or other financial institutions. This independence allows us to align our corporate interests with the long-term interests of our clients. Our team’s utmost concern is to produce consistent and superior long-term performance with a risk management focus for our clients.

Our services are addressed to selected professional / institutional clients.

Depending on our clients’ preferences, we offer two types of asset management services for professional clients:

  1. ‘Investment Advice’ (non-discretionary) and
  2. ‘Portfolio Management’ (discretionary).

Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management services are ideal for professional clients who:

  • Prefer a professional investment manager to manage their investment portfolio within a set of agreed parameters and investment objectives.
  • May not have the time to manage and monitor their own investments.
  • May have limited knowledge of the financial markets and the risks involved.
  • Want to give flexibility to the investment manager to react quickly under different market conditions.

Investment Advice

Our Investment Advice services are ideal for clients who:

  • Want to receive professional advice and recommendations from their investment advisor.
  • May have ample time to manage and monitor their own investments.
  • Feel comfortable with their own knowledge of the financial markets.
  • Want to retain control of their own investment decisions, with the final decisions resting always with them.

Corporate finance and strategic advisory services

Our corporate finance and strategic advisory services assist businesses to source capital and management expertise to grow, especially those passionate about ESG issues.

Preferred areas of activity include renewable electricity and heat, energy storage technologies, infrastructure development, and commercial property. We look to advise any businesses which can provide technologies which increase our ability to decarbonize and, while the clean energy sector is changing rapidly, we see many opportunities in mobility, hydrogen and in the electrification of heat.

For large funding requirements, Mathieson Capital Fund Management works with private equity partners, family offices and institutional investors and can structure investments using both equity and debt capital.

Our investment philosophy and approach

The firm provides comprehensive solutions for the discretionary and non-discretionary management of client portfolios. Deep knowhow and robust processes guarantee exceptional consistency in servicing and reporting delivery.

Key features include the following:

Investment Management

  • Active or passive management
  • Deployment of a wide variety of investment strategies
  • Dynamic and swift response to market conditions
  • Network of experts and external partners in supportive roles to maximise scope of investments and return potential

Risk Management

  • Enhanced risk management processes and approach
  • Liquidity management and stress testing  of assets managed on behalf of clients’ to minimize the potential impact
  • Scrutiny of portfolios to identify potential risk sources
  • Quantitative and qualitative metrics to manage and where possible eradicate sources of risk